My video adventure started when early in 2022 a band, The Unoriginals, asked to help them make a clip. Their intention was to film a semi-live show with a couple of mobile phones and the help they asked for was merely to push the phone buttons as it would be too much of a hassle for them to step down and up the stage to do that themselves.

I said yes, and thought this would be a nice opportunity to learn a new trade so I thought, forget about those mobile phones. Bought me a video camera and a decent mike and ended up shooting a couple of their songs in a live show with a live audience using 2 camera’s.

Then I filmed Dilana Smith’s Legendary Women Of Rock show at Hello Festival in Emmen. The festival version, so including the wigs and all that she leaves out in the theatre shows she started in 2023.
Well, that escalated quite quickly when I started publishing: the video of her Tina Turner Medley got over 8,000 views…

After having added some more stuff to my gear I filmed The Unoriginals in 2023 in an intimate ‘MTV Unplugged’ like setting with a selected audience placed around the band. Using 3 fixed camera’s, one handheld, and one 360-camera positioned in the centre.

Looking forward to new challenges in this area!