Hi, I'm Hans!

I love live music and the magic of stage performance, and when I started photography it was only natural that I would try to capture that magic.
So that is where I started and over the years that has become my specialism and my expertise, working for webmagazines, for venues and for artists.

In my work I just love to make my subjects shine, just like they do in those fantastic spotlights. And that does not just apply to those who spend their lives in the stagelights, I love to capture that radiance each and every time I pick up the camera.
So in my portfolio you will not only find spectacular shots of live shows and shots made for artist promotion,
but also of happy wedding couples and over-the-top party people.

Next to my portfolio here you may also want to have a look at my social media pages, as that is where I frequently publish new work.

By the way, all images on this site are copyrighted, so sharing a link to the site is fine but use of the images is not allowed.
If you are interested in using my work you may contact me.