ORANGE GOBLIN, a live beast

“You have seen ORANGE f*in’ GOBLIN, thank you and good night”, famous last words of Ben Ward at the end of an ORANGE GOBLIN show. Stoner / doom metal band ORANGE GOBLIN, founded in 1995 in London UK, have 8 … Continue reading

Monomyth (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2015)

The MONOMYTH show at Paaspop Schijndel 2015 was one with very low lights, loads of smoke and very heavy bass. Their style is stoner / kraut. MONOMYTH are Peter van der Meer (keys), Sander Evers (drums), Selwyn Slop (bass), Thomas van … Continue reading

Talbot (Patronaat Haarlem, February 2015)

TALBOT is a duo formed in 2008 in Tallin, Estonia, who advertise themselves as “the heaviest duo on Earth (and beyond)”. Their stoner / doom metal sound is described as massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on … Continue reading

Clutch (Patronaat Haarlem, June 2014)

Clutch started over 20 years ago as stoner rock band in Frederick, Maryland (US) and released their 10th and latest album Earth Rocker in March 2013. Clutch are Neil Fallon (vocals / guitar / keyboards / harp), Tim Suit (guitar), Dan … Continue reading

Komatsu (Patronaat Haarlem, June 2014)

Komatsu is a band from Eindhoven, Netherlands who describe their own style as  super-massive rock. The band consists of Mo Truijens (guitar / volcals), Stephan Quint (guitar), Martijn Mansvelders (bass) en Miriam Bekkers (drums). I shot these pictures during their gig on … Continue reading