Cheap Thrills (April 2016)

On 3 April 2016 the ladies of Cheap Thrills were second in line to support headliner Nashville Pussy. As stated on their FaceBook page they live to bring us ‘full on pedal to the metal rock n roll’. ‘Like a … Continue reading

Banane Metalik (January 2016)

On 15 January 2016 Banane Metalik from Rennes France was support for Peter Pan Speedrock at DB’s in Utrecht. Banane Metalik are Ced666 (vocals), Boris XxX (guitar), Yann Ripper (guitar), Rico (bass) and PunkyBones (drums) and they play what they themselves … Continue reading

John Coffey (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2015)

JOHN COFFEY is a band from Utrecht who state they play loud rock ‘n roll. Can confirm that. Their shows burst with energy. It’s definitely rock ‘n roll and absolutely loud. JOHN COFFEY started over 10 years ago and have released 3 albums now. … Continue reading

Therapy? (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2015)

Therapy? from Northern Ireland was founded in 1989 and has been very successful in the mid-90s. 8 singles drawn from their 4th album ‘Troublegum’ (1994) hit the charts and a year later their cover of the Hüsker Dü song ‘Diane’ turned into … Continue reading

Bryan McPherson (Klokgebouw Eindhoven, February 2015)

BRYAN MCPHERSON is a troubadour currently living in Los Angeles California, but actually ‘O.F.D.’ In the introduction of his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his new album ‘Wedgewood’ BRYAN explains: “O.F.D. means Originally From Dorchester. It’s where I grew up in Boston. When … Continue reading