RUBEN HOEKE BAND’s latest album ‘All Saints’ was released on 1 November and was received very well. Where ‘very well’ actually is an understatement.

Over the past years Ruben has been recognised as a top class musician and received several awards, but the many reviews of ‘All Saints’ I have read so far all state that this album probably is the best that he has ever made. They also all mention the wonderful mix of rock and blues, with some blues extremists of course arguing that there is too much rock to keep calling it the blues.
To be frank I don’t care what it is called, it is a magnificent pure album, that oozes the love for music that it has been created with.

On Sunday 17 November the release was celebrated with a release party at Podium De Flux, on the second day of festival ‘Blues Aan De Zaan’. Guitar legend Jan Akkerman and Niels Schutten (keys) joined the band on stage to help making this the wonderful celebration that the band and ‘All Saints’ deserve.

The RUBEN HOEKE BAND are: Ruben Hoeke (guitar), Lucas Pruim (vocals), Mike Kamp (bass) and Eric Hoeke (drums).

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