BOB WAYNE. Singer. Songwriter. Storyteller. Nomad. Road Warrior. Outlaw country musician. Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Punkabilly, Hellbilly.
Just a couple of words to give a rough impression of who we are dealing with here. Not to forget: F*cking Legend!

Bob is currently working on a follow up of his latest album ‘Bad Hombre’ (People Like You Records, May 2017) and at the same time touring like crazy with The Outlaw Carnies.
By the time Bob climbed the stage of Q-Factory Amsterdam in that weekend in November the European Tour that he had started mid September was nearing it’s end, with only one more show with the band left to go in The Netherlands (Underground, Lelystad) and then some solo shows.
Here’s some pics I shot of Bob’s memorable show at Q-Factory.

Up next: more country music with The Bluebirds (Elske DeWall, Krystl and Rachèl Louise) tomorrow at theatre Cool Kunst en Cultuur, Heerhugowaard.BOB WAYNE EUROPEAN TOUR AT FINAL STAGE

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