HILIN in finals Mooie Noten 2018

Almost 6 years have passed since I saw HILIN perform for the first time, more or less accidentally.

I was at Poppodium P60 in October 2012 to shoot Sabrina Starke and HILIN was the singer in the band doing the support, 3rd Floor Magic. Young band, enthousiastic, creative, funky, big fun to see and hear. So I saw them a couple of times more. At Paradiso, at Haltpop festival. And one more time in Amstelveen when they put up a major show in XL-lineup, with special guests like bassist Ldia OnBass, percussionist Dillon Lewis and singer Jared Grant, a string quartet and a complete choir, with support by the one and only Skiggy Rapz and DJ Amadeus Von Tutuianu.

This year HILIN participated in Amsterdam’s popsong competition MOOIE NOTEN 2018 and reached the finals! So good to hear the new direction her music took, and to see her shine like only very few people can. Shot these pictures during those MOOIE NOTEN 2018 finals at Openluchttheater Vondelpark.

The band: Hilin Doyou (vocals / keys), Julius Tapilaha (guitar) and Wessel Armando Kuit (drums).

Booking: Email: hilinmusic@gmail.com, or http://www.gigstarter.nl/artists/hilin

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