Band Of Friends

When Rory Gallagher passed away back in 1995 we knew he would be missed dearly forever. Many musicians are still devoted his music and keep the memory alive. Each year still many of these bands and fans gather to celebrate Rory’s music in festivals around Europe. This year the Rory Gallagher Tribute Holland will take place for the 20th time on 2-3 March in Wijk aan Zee.

And then there is Band Of Friends. A league on their own.

On bass Gerry McAvoy, who has been in Rory’s band from 1971 until 1991 and who played the bass on every single album Rory made. On drums Ted McKenna, who played with Rory in the period 1977-1981. And on guitar Marcel Scherpenzeel. who these 2 guys say they believe to be the nearest thing you’ll get to Rory. I have seen them play many times.

Band Of Friends is not a tribute band, they do not imitate an act that is no longer there. They take Rory’s music and experience Rory over and over again, with all the respect they can give. That January night in Amstelveen was yet another highlight. Again.

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