GIANT TIGER HOOCH says farewell with magnificent party

Early 2017 GIANT TIGER HOOCH announced that after 10 years they would call it quits.

One last farewell tour, or something vaguely resembling that, and they would end the band’s life with a bang with a farewell party at Paradiso Amsterdam on 2 January 2018. And a huge bang is definitely what it was on 2 January 2018.

Supported by The Shady Greys, Robbing Banks, T-99, Lefties Soul Connection and The Dawn Brothers they ended the evening in the main hall of Paradiso.

The Hooch are: Jeroen Ligter (vocals,guitar), Iohritz Txu Txu (guitar), Jorrit Longo (guitar), Simon Zijlstra (bass) and Herman Ypma (drums). Guest appearances by Anouk Visée (vocals), Ivo van Rijswijk (bluesharp), Jan Petit (bass) and Johannes de Boer (drums).

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