KOMATSU supports BRANT BJORK in Effenaar Eindhoven

KOMATSU from Eindhoven play a type of bulldozer rock that is a mix of ‘super-massive’ sludge, stoner rock and metal.

Started in 2010 they have released 2 full albums so far, the latest ‘Recipe for Murder One’ in September 2016, and they have built an impressive name when it comes to live performance. First time I saw KOMATSU was in June 2014, when they supported CLUTCH at Patronaat Haarlem.

These pics are from their show on 5 October when they warmed up the audience for BRANT BJORK.
KOMATSU are: Mo Truijens (vocals /guitar), Mathijs Bodt (guitar), Martijn Mansvelders (bass) and Joris Lindner (drums).

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