NervoChaos in Poppodium P60

NERVOCHAOS, death metal (plus thrash, black, grind- and hardcore and punk …) band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was founded in 1996.

Their latest album titled ‘Nyctophylia’ was released on 7 April 2017 with Cogumelo Records (BR) and Grey Haze Records (US).

These pictures were shot on 30 September 2017, when they played Poppodium P60 Amstelveen together with Antropomorphia, Svart Crown, Enthroned and Belphegor.
NervoChaos are: Lauro Bonometti ‘Nightrealm’ (vocals, guitar), Cherry Taketani (guitar), Thiago Anduscias ‘Anduscia’ (bass) and Eduardo Lane ‘Edu’ (drums).

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