CARACH ANGREN’s horror metal rules in P60

CARACH ANGREN, symphonic extreme/horror/black metal from Landgraaf, has a strong reputation for their impressive live shows.

Last year the idea alone of this band performing in Amstelveen on Christmas Eve triggered the local Christen Unie to start a campaign aiming to have the show cancelled as they suspected that such dark theatre would awake demons that better would be left asleep and feared a bad influence on the local youth. Their campaign even made it to national television.
Not entirely unexpected it did not lead to cancellation of CARACH ANGREN’s show. To the contrary, on the evening it was featured on national television more tickets were sold in one night than ever before.

Grateful of course for Christen Unie’s support of the band I saw drummer Namtar wearing a nice black shirt with the Christen Unie’s logo on it before the guys went on stage at Poppodium P60 in Amstelveen again on 7 September 2017 🙂

Last June CARACH ANGREN released their latest album ‘Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten’, and they put on a great show in support of that release.

CARACHJ ANGREN are: Dennis ‘ Seregor’  Droomers (vocals), Clemens ‘Ardek’ Wijers (keys) and Ivo ‘Namtar’ Wijers (drums).

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