YAOTZIN warm up for Dragged Into Sunlight and Mayhem

Black metal band YAOTZIN, from the Alkmaar NL area, was formed back in 1995 by Bas Polder and Theo van de Plas.

Their first full length album ‘Heaven Burning Bleeding’ was released in 1998. It then took a while before their second album ‘Mors Christii’ saw the light in March 2008. The band played a final show in 2009, which was recorded and releases as ‘Last breath of Live in XiniX’ and called it quits.

Then founding members Bas and Theo decided to revive the band in 2013. Latest product is EP Chaosbringer.

Last Tuesday at Patronaat Haarlem they did a good job at warming up the crowd for Dragged Into Sunlight and Mayhem.
YAOTZIN are: Theo van de Plas (vocals), Bas Polder (drums), Jesse Peetoom (bass), Nick Kühl (guitar) and Sander Spoor (guitar).

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