DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT is a British extreme metal band founded in 2006. They combine influences from black metal, death metal, doom metal and grindcore and have released 2 albums so far, ‘Hatred for Mankind’ in 2006 and ‘Widowmaker’ in 2012.
I have no idea who are in the band as they have chosen not to disclose their identity.
End March they were at Patronaat Haarlem to support the mighty Mayhem. On a stage covered in heavy smoke, lit at the front front only by a huge candeleer and a strong stroboscope from the back these guys play mainly with their backs turned towards the audience. So to say that interaction with the crowd is limited would be a huge understatement, there is no interaction whatsoever.
Their show is not so much a show, nor a performance, as they really do not seem to care at all that there is anyone in the room. The crowd is intrigued with these guys performing their ritual though.
Hope to see them again some time as headliner as the set tonight is too short to satisfy the curiosity.

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