THE GRAND EAST plays Movano Camerata

If you like the musical 60s revival The Grand East is at your service. The guys take their inspiration from giants like Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, The Allman Brothers and very much from The Doors and manage to turn that inspiration into new music of their own, presented with musical briliiance and unstoppable energy and enthousiasm.

Last year they released their first full album called ’Movano Camerata’ which is absolutely world class rock and soul. If you have not heard the album yet, don’t even bother to listen first but just buy that gem, you won’t regret it.
Eary March 2017 I saw them open their club tour at Patronaat Haarlem.

The Grand East are Arthur Akkermans (vocals), Joris van den Berg (hammond), Niek Cival (guitar), Teun Eijsink (bass) and Imanishi Kleinmeulman (drums)

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