Fleddy Melculy, great entertainment at Patronaat

On 4 February I had the pleasure of seeing Fleddy Melculy play at Patronaat Haarlem.

Fleddy from Halle Belgium, rumour has it the unknown son of Lars Ulrich and Lita Ford (or actually Rals Urlich and Rita Fold of course), was to their own surprise kind of catapulted into fame when they released their song ‘T-shirt van Metallica’ last year. That song, inspired by the people wearing metalband shirts because they like the print but who have no idea of who the band is or what music they play, was their breakthrough.

Also last year they released full abum Helgië (Hellgium), which was received very well. The lyrics are based on everyday stuff like losing your keys, fat girls, inconsequent vegetarians or the vital importance of Apu from the nightshop when Fleddy finds himself in desperate need of alcohol or cigarettes in the middle of the night.

Fleddy Melculy are: Fleddy Melculy (vocals), Balt (guitar), Blue (guitar), Rohrshach (bass) and Revy (drums). On stage supported by Apu himself, of course.

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