SNAKE BITE LOVE does Motörhead acoustic

At Lemmy Lives (a Motörhead Memorial), in Podium Victorie Alkmaar, SNAKE BITE LOVE opened the show for Death Alley with an acoustic set of less well-known Motörhead songs.
SNAKE BITE LOVE (named after Motörhead’s 14th studio album) was formed especially for these memorial concerts by students of the Metal Factory in Eindhoven.
Fronted by singer Micky Huijsmans (known from her band End of the Dream) Snake Bite Love surprised the audience with these songs performed in a way they had not heard them before.
SNAKE BITE LOVE are: Micky Huijsmans (vocals), Remco Schouten (guitar), Jitse Zonneveld (guitar), Siebe Sol Sijpkens (bass) and Wouter Macaré (cajon).

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