Guitarist Jan Akkerman celebrates his 70th birthday

Highly praised guitarist Jan Akkerman turned 70 in December 2016 and celebrates the occasion with a tour accompanied by not only his band but also some guest musicians.
In January that celebration tour hit Haarlem where they played a solid 3 hours for a pretty much packed Patronaat.
The band is Jan Akkerman (guitar), Coen Molenaar (keys), David de Marez Oyens (bass) and Marijn van den Berg (drums). In Haarlem they were accompanied by guests Bert Heerink (vocals), Ruben Hoeke (guitar) and Laurie Akkerman (vocals). The place of regular guest on saxophone Benjamin Herman was taken by Nigel Hitchcock tonight.
This is a selection of the pics I shot that night, more to follow at the page of Patronaat.

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