Flavium (January 2016)

Flavium is one of the oldest blues band in The Netherlands, kicked off 47 years ago in 1969 by Anne-Geert Bonders.

Over the years they released some 15 albums and were particularly successful when in 1980 they released their version of Willie Nelson’s song Nightlife.

From the line-up who recorded their first album in 1975 only Anne-Geert Bonders and Eric Bagchus are still in the band.
In a line-up with Bert Vrieling (vocals, harp), Anne-Geert Bonders (guitar), Eric Bagchus (bass), Leon Kuijpers (keys) and Bouke van Olst (drums) they supported Erwin Java & Friends feat. Di Reed on 28 January 2016 at North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam.

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