Erwin Java & Friends feat. DI REED (January 2016)

Last week American singer DI REED had a break from her tour with Rod Stewart and decided to spend that by visiting  The Netherlands and doing a show at North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam.

For the occasion the organisation asked master guitarist Erwin Java (ex-Cuby+Blizzards, now successful witgh King Of The World) to get a band together to support Di during that show.
So Erwin got Christof Bauwens (guitar), Arjan van der Linde (bass), Tollak Ollestad (keys/harp) and Marcel Wolthof (drums) to work their asses off together with him to rehearse the setlist in only 2 weeks and to then put on this great show with Di Reed on 28 January.

Here’s a selection of the pictures I shot of that phenomenal show.

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