Night Flight To Rio (January 2016)

NIGHT FLIGHT TO RIO is a party band from Amsterdam with a huge variation in their setlist.
I shot these pics of them on Saturday 23 January 2016 when they played in P60 Amstelveen.

Night Flight to Rio are Johnny Carvalho Da Cunha (vocals), Marianne van Calcar (vocals), Judith van Drunen (vocals), Onno Postma (guitar), Kjelt Ostendorf (bass), Paul Ravelli (keys) and Vincent Marquenie (drums).
In the copper section: Camilla Dreef, Arjen Van Den Kroonenberg, Andre Bitter, Pieter Rewijk, Rachel van Asten, Elwin Smit, Parulian Ruijsenberg and Ruben van der Kleij.

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