Pain Of Salvation (October 2015)

Progressive rock/metal band PAIN OF SALVATION released their debut album Entropia in 1997, 13 years after the band was started (under a different name) by then 11-year old Daniel Gildenlöw.

In the meantime PAIN OF SALVATION over the years released another 8 studio albums, the latest (acoustic ‘Falling Home’) in 2014.

Daniel is the core of the band, and the only one from the original line-up who is still in it.
Current line-up is Daniel Gildenlöw (vocals, guitar), Léo Margarit (drums), Daniel Karlsson (keyboards), Gustav Hielm (bass) and Ragnar Zolberg (guitar).

I shot these pictures during their show in P60 Amstelveen on Halloween 2015.

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