Giant Tiger Hooch (October 2015)

GIANT TIGER HOOCH, from Amsterdam, write and play music for the fun of it and nothing else.
Their live performance is a clear demonstration of that sheer fun and relaxed attitude. Which adds to the atmosphere during their shows.
Their first album ’76, released in 2013, received good reviews and got them their minute of attention on Dutch national TV.

Some of the guys in the meantime have worked on another project, DARLA SINNERS, which resulted in well-received album ‘Aaron’ on March 2015.

The Hooch are: Jeroen Ligter (guitar, vocals), Simon Zijlsttra (bass), Herman Ypma (drums) and Jorrit Longo (guitar).
Rumour has it that they are about to record a new album to be called PANDA!PANDA!PANDA! which will be released kind of soonish.

I shot these pictures on 8 October 2015 when they supported Ian Siegal at P60 in Amstelveen.

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