Ten Years After (September 2015)

On 27 September I got the opportunity to shoot Ten Years After. A special occasion for me, as they were the first major band I saw play live, at age 15, on 22 January 1972 at De Doelen Rotterdam. Then still in their ‘Woodstock line-up’: Alvin lee (guitar, vocals), Leo Lyons (bass), Chick Churchill (keys) and Ric Lee (drums).

They broke up in 1975 after several years of continuous touring since they rose to world stardom as a result of their 10-minute appearance playing ‘I’m Going Home’ in the documentary movie on the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

After having reunited occasionally for special appearances (including e.g. the 1994 Eurowoodstock in Budapest Hungary) the band replaced frontman Alvin Lee by singer / guitarist Joe Gooch in 2003, and started recording and touring again.
After 2 studio albums (Now and Evolution), a live album and a live DVD in this setting Leo Lyons (bass) and Joe Gooch (guitar) started another band ‘Hundred Seventy Split’ in 2010 and eventually resigned from Ten Years After end 2013.
With Colin Hodgkinson (bass) and Marcus Bonfanti (vocals, guitar) replacing Leo and Joe the guys recorded yet another live album (The Name Remains The Same) earlier this year.

And now they spent the weekend in The Netherlands, with shows in Leiden and Sneek first and now Amstelveen.
I was very impressed with their show, and particularly with the very energetic performance of frontman Marcus Bonfanti who really makes a difference and who makes you forget the, also impressive, average age of the guys on stage.
After a full 2-hour show I left with a smile on my face that is still there now …

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