Assorted Travellers (Melkweg Amsterdam, August 2015)

ASSORTED TRAVELLERS is a young band from Almere lead by Alexander Del Prado and was formerly known as Del prado & Mr. John. Their style is americana folk.

In 2014 ASSORTED TRAVELLERS gloriously won the regional band competition Flavourland. On 14 March 2015, they released their first EP ‘Wild Heart’ which they recorded on location in Brittany France in August 2014.
Since then they have been touring and on 29 August they won the audience award in the SENA Performers POPnl Award competition at Melkweg Amsterdam.

ASSORTED TRAVELLERS are Alexander Del Prado (vocals, guitar), Mariëlle Flens (vocals), Jonathan Arends (guitar), Kjell van Wijlandt (bass) and Joachim de Koning (drums).

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