Turn Up The 90’s (Meppel, July 2015)

Turn Up The 90’s is a high-energy partyband who guarantee to bring the ultime 90’s live sensation to any stage, party venue or festival.

Turn Up The 90’s combine an impressive special-effect-filled liveshow and skilled musical craftsmanship with enthousiastic interaction with their audience. Their full night show bombards the audience with a mash-up of 100+ nineties dancehits that takes the audience back in time on a rollercoaster passing all representatives from that era starting of course with C+C Music Factory’s kick-off of the dance scene back then: ‘Everybody Dance Now’.

Turn Up The 90’s are Michelle Knipscheer and Rock Hoekstra (vocals), Hendrik Jan ‘HJ’ (guitar), Sonny Onderwater (bass), Jeroen Derks (keys) and Frank van der Star (drums), supported by DJ Fritz Abrahams.

I shot these pictures during their show at the ‘Meppeldagen’ on Thursday 23 July 2015.

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