Pien Breeuwsma graduation concert (Patronaat Haarlem, June 2015)

The first time I saw Pien Breeuwsma (a.k.a. Blue June) perform was in December 2013 when she had been asked to be support act for Krystl. As I was impressed by her show I went to see Blue June again a month later, on 30 January 2014, when she celebrated the release of her first EP.

Last week on 2 June 2015 Pien finished her study at Music Academy, Conservatorium Haarlem with a graduation concert at Patronaat Haarlem.
A complete new show with all new work, very different from the Blue June performances I saw before. Dark stage and music that had evolved to a higher level, with loads of electonics.
Needless to say that the jury was impressed and that this concert therefore for Pien marked the end of an era as it was supposed to.

At the end of the evening Pien announced that she is working hard on new material for a new Blue June EP that she expects to release in September 2015.
Website: www.pynmusic.com

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