Danny Vera (P60 Amstelveen, May 2015)

Danny Vera, from Middelburg NL, released his first album ‘For The Light In Your Eyes’ back in 2002 and has over the years grown to be a rare phenomenon, quite sucessful in a style that is hardly played in The Netherlands.
Danny’s style is americana, not only as far as his music is concerned but his complete presentation reminds of great American musicians. That ‘un-Dutch’ style that he consistently keeps got him elected ‘best dressed man of The Netherlands’ by Esquire magazine end 2014.

Since that first album Danny has released four more albums. During his show he tells the audience that on the latest of those albums, ‘Distant Rumble’ from 2013, guitarist James Burton (“do you know James Burton? You know, he played in the band of Elvis and wears his hair just like me….”) has contributed. Burton has an impressive list of celebrities he worked with indeed: Elvis Presley, Gram Parsons, The Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

For several years already Danny Vera has been the house band of several Dutch national TV shows, like VI International, VI Oranje and Tour Du Jour.
End 2014 Danny Vera released an EP called “The New Black And White”. That EP will be the basis of the new show he will be touring with in theatres starting September 2015.

I shot these pictures during Danny’s show at P60 Amstelveen on 28 May 2015.
Danny’s band: Almer Kaasschieter (bass), Eric Swinkels (keys), Gert-Jan Zegel (drums), Rob de Groot (guitar).

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