Shaking Godspeed (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2015)

Shaking Godspeed is a Dutch blues-rock band started by lead vocalist/guitarist Wout Kemkens in 2009, according to themselves influenced by a range of artists artists as diverse as Hooghwater, Reactionaries, Captain Beefheart, Stooges, The Entrance Band, Johnny Winter etc.

Next to Wout, Shaking Godspeed consists of Maarten Rischen (drums), Rocco Ostermann (guitars/vocals) and Alex van Damme (bass/keys/vocals).
They have released 3 albums so far, the latest ‘Welcome Back Wolf’ was released in September 2014.

I shot these pictures of Shaking Godspeed during their show at the Thunderbolt Stage at Paaspop Schijndel 2015.


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