Talbot (Patronaat Haarlem, February 2015)

TALBOT is a duo formed in 2008 in Tallin, Estonia, who advertise themselves as “the heaviest duo on Earth (and beyond)”.
Their stoner / doom metal sound is described as massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.

TALBOT consists of MAGNUS ANDRE (bass, synths and vocals) and EVGENIY MIKHAYLOV (drums), who replaced original drummer JARMO NUUTRE in 2013.

They released a first EP ‘Tundra’ in 2008, their first full length album ‘EOS’ in 2010 and second album ‘Scaled’ in 2013.

I shot these pictures on 14 february 2015 in Patronaat Haarlem when they were on tour with AGRIMONIA and GHOST BRIGADE.

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