King Of The World (Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen, December 2014)

KING OF THE WORLD is a prize-winning blues band, founded in 2012 by long time (25 years) Cuby+Blizzards guitarist Erwin Java and just as long time Normaal drummer Fokke de Jong. With Ruud Weber (vocals / bass) and Govert van der Kolm (keys) the band was complete.

By now they have released 2 studio albums: the first one, CAN’T GO HOME, was released early 2013 and the second, KOTW, on 27 March 2014.
The band is receiving nothing but praise, wins just about every blues award available and was seen in shows on Dutch national tv several times.

King Of The World has now scheduled the release of their first live album ‘Live in Paradiso’, for which the recordings were done in December 2014, on 2 May 2015.

I shot these pictures during their show on 13 December at Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen.

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