Rude Rich (P60 Amstelveen, October 2014)

RUDE RICH is a band from Amsterdam that started back in 1998 as RUDE RICH AND THE HIGH NOTES based on the wish to keep the authentic Jamaican music (ska, rock steady and reggae) alive in a time that hardly any band was playing in that tradition anymore.
RUDE RICH released 4 albums and in addition to that recorded with big names like WINSTON FRANCIS, TOMMY TORNADO and DERRICK MORGAN.

RUDE RICH are: SOULMACK (vocals), JESSE TEN CATE (guitar), BUNN RILEY (bass), DERUIGE (drums), KEES SCHOUTEN (keyboards) and DAVID BEUKERS (saxophone).
I shot these pictures of their show when they supported THE AGGROLITES at P60 on 19 October 2014.

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