The Aggrolites (P60 Amstelveen, October 2014)

AGGROLITES started in Los Angeles when in 2002 Jamaican icon DERRICK MORGAN (who had worked with institutes like DESMOND DEKKER, JIMMY CLIFF and BOB MARLEY) looked for a backing band and found that in former members of THE VESSELS and THE RYTHM DOCTORS.
Even though the recording they then did with DERRICK never led to an actual release the experience inpired THE AGGROLITES to stick together and play that mix of 60’s ┬ásoul, funk and skinhead reggae they call ‘Dirty Reggae’.

THE AGGROLITES are: JESSE WAGNER (vocals/guitar), ROGER RIVAS (keys), JEFF ROFFREDO (bass), RICKY CHACON (guitar) and ALEX MCKENZIE (drums).
Their first album DIRTY REGGAE was released in 2003. Recorded in 1 day, with only 1 take for each song and lyrics which were largely improvised on the spot. Spontaneity and authenticity guaranteed.
That first album was followed by 4 more plus the live album UNLEASHED LIVE VOL. 1.

I shot these pictures of THE AGGROLITES during their performance on 19 October 2014 at P60 Amstelveen.

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