Hugh Cornwell (Podium De Vorstin Hilversum – October 2014)

HUGH CORNWELL was one of the founding members of legendary UK punk band THE STRANGLERS back in 1974 and responsible for over 20 singles hitting the UK Top 40. Ever since he left the band in 1990 to follow his own path he produced 15 albums and wrote several books. A very busy man, never tired of trying new stuff but also staying true to his earlier work.

2 years ago I saw him perform in PATRONAAT Haarlem. In that tour he started off with playing his complete (then brandnew) album TOTEM AND TABOO and after the break he played the old STRANGLERS album NO MORE HEROES.
As impressed as I am with his work I cannot say how pleased and honored I am that Hugh has chosen one of the pictures that I shot of the band back then for the inside of the cover of the double live album of that tour that he will release shortly.

Now, an unbelievable 40 years after he co-founded THE STRANGLERS and 24 years after he decided to leave that band I saw him give a magnificent performance in PODIUM DE VORSTIN Hilversum. The band still included CHRIS BELL on drums but where 2 years ago I saw STEVE FISHMAN play bass, the bass was now handled by CAROLINE ‘CAZ’ CAMPBELL. The setlist this time was a very nice mix of tracks from TOTEM AND TABOO and of what Hugh referred to the ‘delicatessen’ from his STRANGLERS period.
I had a great evening and, to be frank, cannot get enough so hope to see him again soon.

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