Entombed A.D. (P60 Amstelveen, September 2014)

ENTOMBED A.D. is the 2014 version of the Swedish band ENTOMBED formed in 1988, who have been renewing their initial death metal sound again and again over the years and who have, combining the death metal with other influences including garage rock, invented the so-called DEATH ‘N ROLL.
Actually it is the same lineup as ENTOMBED has had until 2013 but since guitarist ALEX HELLID refused to join them on their 2013 tour and they had produced their new album  BACK TO THE FRONT (2014) without HELLID they are no longer permitted to use the name ENTOMBED which is owned jointly by the 4 founding members.
ENTOMBED A.D. consists of ENTOMBED founding member LARS GORAN PETROV (vocals), OLLE DAHLSTEDT (drums), VICTOR BRANDT (bass) and NICO ELGSTRAND (guitar).
These pictures were taken during their show in P60 Amstelveen on 20 September 2014.

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