Navarone (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2014)

NAVARONE (named after the movie ‘The Guns Of Navarone’) started off a couple of years ago as a project by singer Merijn van Haren and guitarist Kees Lewiszong. After release of their debut EP back in 2009 they got some airplay and did some gigs. Winning the Next Best Band competition got them their very first appearance at Paaspop in that same year. After a period of silence they got back together to create their first full album ‘A Darker Shade Of White’ released in September 2012. The way in which they perform their 70s style rock that remind of bands like Wolfmother and Black Crowes was positively received by the press; result was a pretty much sold out spring tour in 2013 and many gigs in the following festival season.
In May 2014 they released their second album ‘Vim and Vigor’ (stands for energy and enthousiasm) .
Navarone are Merijn van Haren (vocals), Kees Lewiszong (guitars), Bram Versteeg (bass), Roman Huijbreghs (guitar / vocals) and Robin Assen (drums).
I shot these pictures during their gig at Paaspop 2014 in Schijndel.

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