The Silverfaces (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2014)

THE SILVERFACES are a young, a very young band who are inspired by the psychedelic sound of bands from the 60s. They are founders Jesse Koch (guitar/ vocals) and Sonya Vos (bass/ vocals) plus Martin Scheppink (keys) and Nienke Overmars (drums). They have no album out yet, but what they do have is a series of videos recorded at FC Walvisch Studios in Amsterdam. Recorded by the rules “one take, live mixing and no mastering. As real as it gets.” And those recordings are impressive. Talented is the word. They have not played many gigs yet, but they are moving fast. They had their 1 minute of fame on Dutch national television show DWDD and their eighth performance ever was at the prestigious Noorderslag Festival in January 2014.
When THE SILVERFACES are announced at the Jack Daniel’s stage at Paaspop Schijndel it is mentioned that this “mixed double” now has their first EP out (consisting of the five FC Walvisch recordings) and that the price can be set by the buyer. And these kids rock. Sixties blues rock is what they play and they play it convincingly. Solos by each of the band members, impressing technical skills, lots of interaction on stage especially between Jesse on guitar and Martin on keys. They grab your attention from the start and do not let go until they are done, half an hour later.

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