DevilDriver (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2014)

DEVILDRIVER from Santa Barbara CA, USA (a.k.a. DEATHRIDE in the early years) was formed in 2002 by Jon Miller (bass), John Boecklin (drums) and Jeff Kendrick (guitar). When former COAL CHAMBER singer Dez Farara joined them, heavy metal band DEVILDRIVER was born. The guys have released albums at a steady pace of one every other year starting in 2003 with debut ‘DevilDriver’ ending up for now with number six, ‘Winter Kills’, which was released in August 2013.
Their style in their own words is “Pure Fuckin’ Metal” of the angry kind.That anger came to a climax in their previous album ‘Beast’ (2011). ‘Winter Kills’ is more diverse.
I shot these pictures during their show at Paaspop Schijndel on 19 April 2014.

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