Peter Pan Speedrock (Paaspop Schijndel, April 2014)

PETER PAN SPEEDROCK is a trio founded in 1996 with the intention to play MOTÖRHEAD-like music. From their second album ‘Rocketfuel’ (1998) they have been quite successful.

Very much like their example they have not changed their approach since then, and members since then have always been Peter van Elderen (guitar / vocals), Bart Geevers (bass) and Bart Nederhand (drums). PETER PAN SPEEDROCK like to work very hard and play a lot.

As a result they now have played 1,800(!) gigs in their 17 years of existence and released 12 albums. Usually they are accompanied by their band mascot “Dikke Dennis” (Fat Dennis), a tattoo artist from Amsterdam whose role in the show is to announce the band and who is guest singer on ‘Schoppenaas’, their Dutch version of MOTÖRHEAD’s ‘Ace Of Spades’

I shot these pictures during their show at Paaspop Schijndel on 19 April 2014.

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